Our Services
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Our Services
Hardware, Embedded software & Mechanical design :
  1. Hardware Design
    We can design all most any electronic system best on microcontroller or embedded processor Power supply, logic, RF, EMI EMC...
  2. Microcontroller design {32 bit}
    STM32 (L0,L1,F0,F4,L4,F7) MSP432 (all types) SAM M7 (all types) NXP (freescale) all types PIC32 (all types)
  3. Microcontroller design{8-16b}
    MSP430 {all type} PIC16,18,24 AVR (all types) 8051 (all types)
  4. PCB layout services
    With our sister company Genida we provide high quality service best on 10+ years of experience working with the best software in market and providing RF,high speed,signal integrity at low cost
  5. PSU design
    Linear and switch power supply design for product best performance using simulation tools and design experience
  6. RF design
    RF design of synthesizer,RF link,LNA ,Mixer, Antenna for high performance
  7. Embedded software in C\C++
    Embedded software and software engineering design using the best compiler in the market {IAR,Keil,Gnu}
  8. Mechanical design
    As a service to our customer we also provide mechanical design services who include enclosure & PCB design , injection mold design in the far east for low cost manufacturing
  9. PCBA services
    We provide PCB assembly services in the Far-east for risk free & low cost manufacturing