About Us
Innovation Built On Solid Experience
14 years of Excellent Service
Circomm technologies were founded in October 2003 as a dynamic R&D
outsourcing company with a diversified solutions portfolio.
Circomm’s business strategy is aimed at becoming a leading outsourcing and
subcontracting High – Tech Company as well as technological incubator.
The outsourcing and subcontracting activities are in the areas of design,
development and manufacturing of electronics and computerized systems for
commercial, Industrial and medical application.

For over 14 years, Circomm Tech. Company engineers and designers have
developed a reputation for excellence and reliability, creating effective electronic
solutions for customers operating in a host of challenging environments. Building
on proven concepts and standards, we add the insight and innovation that comes
from long experience and thorough knowledge of both our technical resources and
our customer’s needs.
Hardware Design  
We define Hardware Design to mean more than a set of schematics or a printed
circuit board.  Good Hardware Design is a discipline that requires attention to
every detail from the specification phase through the product launch.  We have
experience in all phases of a product development that enables us to help bring a
product to market on time and to meet all customer requirements.
Software Design  
There are many different layers of software development.  Circomm Tech.
specializes in the Embedded and Device Driver layers of software.  These are the
key interfaces that are closely linked to the physical hardware and are the most
difficult to implement.   By working closely with the hardware designers, we
provide working code faster that is more reliable.  Our focus on these areas of
software development provides a unique service not found in other firms.

Project / Program Management

Design accounts for only a fraction of the time and cost of your overall project.
Circomm Tech. believes that having a well defined process and proper
management can save many hours and reduce your costs.  Coordinating the man
diverse pieces of a development is a detailed and time-consuming task.  
Project/Program management is the fabric that ties the details together and
determines the ultimate success of the project.
Each project we accept receives the same meticulous attention to detail. We wr
the design specification, do the fundamental research, draw the schematics, layo
a printed circuit board, write the operating software, test the design, and compl
the final documentation for custom electronic systems.
The services offered by Circomm’s include:  
1. Concept development
2. Design - Electronics, Software
3. Hardware & Software Engineering.
4. Project management
5. Design for Certification(FCC,CE,ETSI…)
6. In-house manufacturing
7. DFM & C (Design For Manufacturing & Certification).